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Russia 2018: focus on city of KazanPublished on 29/09/2017

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Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan within the Federation of Russia.



The city of Kazan is located 1000 km east of Moscow (1 hour by plane), on the banks of the Kazanka River, a confluence of the Volga River. Kazan is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan within the Federation of Russia. The local population, the Tatars, are not Slavic. Their habits are similar to those of the Turkish in terms of language, culture, lifestyle and dominant religion, Islam.
The city is one of the oldest in Russia. It celebrated a few years ago its millennium (the city was conquered by Ivan the Terrible in 1552).

Kazan is a unique mix of Russian and Tatar cultures, which come together in everyday life, language, food and even city construction. A simple example: in the city center, on a hill, is the Kremlin (fortress) where a Russian Orthodox Christian church and a Muslim mosque are only 300 meters apart.

Today, Kazan is one of the largest, richest and most advanced cities in Central Russia. With its 1.2 million inhabitants, Kazan is characterized by a significant economic activity thanks to several industries (including the petroleum industry), subsidiaries of major multinational companies, universities and cultural events. The Government of Tatarstan has a certain degree of autonomy in the financial and social sphere.



In recent years, Kazan has hosted a large number of international sporting events. Among them were the 2013 University Games and the FINA 2015 World Swimming Championship, which brought together many foreign delegations (athletes, referees, media and supporters). Thanks to these events, Kazan’s infrastructure has improved: new roads have been built, new stadiums have emerged, new hotels have been established. That’s why Kazan is one of the four host cities of the Confederations Cup coming in 2017. The matches will take place at the Kazan Arena. The city is very pleasant, with many well-pedestrianized areas such as Bauman Street (not to be missed!) Not far from Kremlin, but also parks, wharves and a wide choice of cafes and restaurants. Kazan is a well-visited city with a wide range of hotels, from hostels (8 beds per room), Old Soviet-style hotels to 4 * and 5 * very chic.



Spoiled by the popularity of the city, the Kazan resident have already used to see international sports stars at home. Today, they look forward to the start of the World Cup 2018.

The experience acquired in recent years in organizing events helps them to organize stadium admission systems, transport routes (during the FINA 2015 Championship, except for FINA transport, with the accreditation at the stadium it was also possible to use public transport, such as the metro or the bus, for free) and young, multi-lingual volunteers, their selection being made by the universities.

The main stadium, the Kazan Arena, has been widely used during the last events and will also be the center of attention in 2017 (Confederations Cup) and in 2018 (Football World Cup). Located close to Kazan city center, on the opposite bank of the historical center and the Kremlin, the stadium is easily accessible from many places in the city of Kazan.

With all its possibilities, the land of Kazan and the region of Tatarstan promise you a pleasant stay for the World Cup 2018.

 Olga, VPI representative in Russia.


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