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How has Japan been preparing for its Rugby World Cup?

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Less than a year from now, the 9th Rugby World Cup will be launched in Japan. Spread over 12 cities
from Saporro to Kumamoto, 20 teams will compete from 20th of September to 02nd of November
This competition will prove challenging due to its location and duration. VPI has been working on this
event for more than a year and has forged partnerships on site to offer the appropriate transport and
accommodation solutions.

For the sake of proximity to the field of operations and in order take advantage of the best
opportunities, VPI has opened an office in Tokyo in September 2018. Since then , inspection visits
have been following one another and our teams have taken advantage of the WBM Rugby in early
October to support our clients recces and strengthen our links with our local partners.
We have been able to visit some competition venues, to test the different means of communication,
to inspect many hotels and residences and we have been immersing ourselves in Japanese life in
order to better understand its specificities.
VPI provides advice on your choice of location, your modes of transport and your general Rugby
World Cup preparation so that you can focus on your business.

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