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Rugby World Cup 2019 – Discover Fukuoka 福岡

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Fukuoka is a historic city developed by ship trade as a gateway to Japan from the Korean Peninsula and the Eurasian continent. Today, with a population of 1,57 million inhabitants, Fukuoka is the most populated city on Kyushu Island and the 4th largest metropolitan area in the country. Fukuoka is one of the most popular cities tourism-wise, and it ranks high on the quality of life chart, thanks to its two compact and prosperous downtown areas, Tenjin(天神) and Hakata(博多), acting as much as commercial districts during the day as buzzing nightlife areas due to their many food stands, restaurants and bars. Fukuoka people are also known for their passion for sports, especially rugby and football. For instance, the 1995-built Fukuoka Level-5 stadium is a sports field reserved for the practice of football and rugby exclusively. Many professional football and rugby players, some of whom have played for the Japanese national team, have been raised in Fukuoka. The stadium’s convenient location ensures is a blessing for supporters: it is less than a 15-minute bus or subway ride from Hakata station, and 8 minutes from Fukuoka airport. Italy, France, the U.S.A., Ireland and Samoa, are all sure to be duly welcomed by Fukuoka sports fans during the 2019 RWC. The variety of transportation options from Tokyo further reinforces Fukuoka’s attractiveness. Hakata train station provides Sanyo Shinkansen services to Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, while the local train network covers many other cities like Kumamoto, Oita and Kagoshima.


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